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I need to get some new updated pictures of her.


Eyes: Normal 
Hips: Pending
VwD: Clear by parentage

                           Am/Can Ch. Dundee Famous Amos
Ch. Dundee Amos Moses ROM/ROMC
 Ch. Fiego Star of Africa
Ch. Carmylie Outlaw of Sundance CD CGC                                                 
Ch. Dundee Hullston Jambalaya ROM
      Carmylie Delta Dawn                              
        Carmylie BiVixen         


                             Ch Krentel Attention To Detail
Am/Can Ch Krentel Aberdale Silversmith ROMC
                Krentel Black Orchid
 B.P.I.G. Ch Aberdale's Rhinestone Cowboy                
            Sugarhill's Bi Design
         Aberdale's Precious Gem  
BPIG. Ch Aberdale's Diamond Jubilee
Dam: Aberdale A Golden Jubilee                                                                             
Am/Can/Jap Ch Alfenloch Whirlwind ROM
Can Ch Bonnyville Fairfax Nighthawk ROM/C
                         Bonnyville Forever a Diamond
BPIG. Ch Aberdale's Diamond Jubilee                           
Ch Dundee Amos Moses ROM ROMC
Can Ch Canami's Fiery Blue Diamond               
                                     Tam-Bay Brookview Ice Castle


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